by Rhys Zacher

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A collection of a few new songs since the release of Dark Passenger.


released January 15, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rhys Zacher at Spinlight Studio



all rights reserved


Rhys Zacher Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Civil War
One by one they fall victims to this civil war
If we don't understand we just tear it down
Smoking barrels, flying led, casualties left for dead.
If we're not eye to eye we'll just tear this place down
We'll tear it down.

I'm not ready to know
I don't want you to go
Don't go my friend, my friend don't go.

The propaganda starts to spin
Do we know why we're here?
We're all in this game
I swear we're all the same
We're just the same.

All I know is under siege and I just want some time to breathe
But time won't wait, my minds made up to stand and fight. My friend.
Track Name: I'm Not My Own
Sailing down the coast.
I've been gone so long but I'm coming home.
I let the sun kiss my skin and I close my eyes and begin to see you again.

I don't think I've ever been as happy as right now.
No matter where if she's around it always feels like home.

I've got nothing to say, nothing left to say.
No amount of words could ever convey.

The hours pass like grains of sand as I feel the warmth from you hand in my hand.
If we could only stay trapped this way, the world would fall away, we'd remain. Oh some things don't change.

I've loved and lost and gone astray but I know that things won't be this way. When I look at you I know you feel the same.
I'm not my own, not anymore. And everything I am is yours. And everyday i love you more and more.
Track Name: Chasing Shadows
I drove by your place, looks empty inside like the way I feel right now.
Every word we said, every stone we through can not be taken back.
Maybe time will heal these wounds before the plague sets in.
If we're too far gone just let me slip away.

We're letting go cause we held too tight.
Maybe now we'll begin to breathe again.

We were chasing a ghost, clinging to smoke.
in love with the idea of us
We chasing shadows and memories of old.
In love with the idea of being in love.

We stood on the boardwalk, fingers entwined as the rain began to fall.
The silence was numbing, though I held you close you were further than before.
We're out of time and we both now, it's finally sinking in.
We're too far gone so let me slip away

Some day I will find a love that's meant to be.
Till then I will be dreaming of what we could have been.
Track Name: Labyrinth
Show me the way out of this labyrinth
I've been lost wandering in circles
My soul desires nothing but you, only you
Won't you speak to me?
I need to hear your voice again
Just to know you're real
Just to know I'm not dreaming

Break this night, show me the light
Lead me home again
I've been longing, I've been tired
Tired of the dark
Break this heart just to restart
Make me whole again
I'm apathetic, an empty shell
I'll Learn to love again

I'm frozen standing at this crossroad
Give me a sign, I need some direction
My soul desires only the truth
Just the truth
Won't you stay a while?
I need to know you're here for me
Your silence is deafening
I can't think straight anymore

This abyss, it goes deep
Right where my heart should be
And there's fathoms between this ocean that's smothering me
And the air I so long to breathe
But I don't want your empathy
I just need the faith to believe
Track Name: My Life Began The Day We Met
We do our best to make it by.
Nobody ever said that happy ever after was just a lie…
But I promise that I'll try to love you even when I have nothing left to give.
I'll stay till the end.

And now we say goodbye.
It's just for now don't cry.
We'll be together soon.

In the end we're just the same.
We push all the blame aside
and all of our convictions come to light cause two wrongs won't make it right.
And I'll try everything to let you know I'm yours.
And I'll stay till the end.

I won't forget. I can't forget.
My life began the day we met.
And every breath I breathes for you.
So don't forget I won't forget you.

Every day's just a ticking clock
And every seconds one we won't get back
We try so hard to keep the pain alive
But day by day I become more numb inside