Dark Passenger

by Rhys Zacher

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mitchell everingham
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mitchell everingham I personally love the entire album and this artist, everything I've heard. But this track holds alot of references for me...
Thankyou Rhys:D Favorite track: The Grim.
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Dark Passenger

1. Insomnia
2. The Grim
3. A Diamond's Just A Stone
4. Survival Of The Fittest
5. When Will You See
6. You Weren't Thinking Straight
7. Bon Voyage
8. Empty Vessels
9. Home Safe
10. Ghosts
11. Raise The Flag
12. The Deep End
13. I'm A Bitter Man
14. The Wanderer

The concept behind Dark Passenger is all about those dark secrets and feelings we keep locked away and hope no one ever sees. It Delves deep into the subjects we'd all like to avoid and will surprise you with the transparency of the song writing and stories told.


released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Rhys Zacher Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Insomnia
Insomnia, my mind won’t rest.
I close my eyes and my heart beats fast with anxiety.
I’m fearful of sleep.
Those wasted hours make me feel guilty.
The divide between reality and dreams is gone.
I no longer know which side I’m on.

The walls are closing in, I’m trapped and I can’t breathe.
It’s claustrophobia inside my own head.

My heavy heart is as hard as stone.
If you let me go, I’m afraid I’ll sink.
Some days I’m cold, some days I don’t speak.
I’ll never tell all the things I think.
Keeping quiet kept me safe for so long.
But insanity is creeping on.

I want to let you in, but I don’t know where to begin.
What if I stay this way? What if I can’t be saved?
Track Name: The Grim
Here’s the story of a widow who lost her love to the sea.
He went searching for treasure but only found tragedy.
And you don’t know why you’re so afraid of the towering waves;
the dark caves that loom before you now.

Been feeling strange since you left home.
Feeling strained, stretched far and thin.
It’s the darkest day since you’ve seen the Grim staring into your eyes.

A scribbled note left for the wife, “ I won’t be coming back. Saw five men die tonight, devoured by the beast”
And you now know why you’re so afraid of the dark things that lurk beneath the cold and watery plains.

No one will ever predict the end.
They’ll never know when it’s their final breath.
So breathe in the air you take for granted.
Live a little more and try to think a little less about the end.
Track Name: A Diamond's Just A Stone
He promised with diamonds that you’d have everything.
That you would never be alone, you’d always be with him.
And so this quick fix becomes a slow denial.
Because he won’t change, he’ll stay the same and a diamond’s just a stone.

I’m not saying it's all been a lie.
But he’s not ready to give you his life.
It’s time to make your mind up.
Stay… you’ll be left behind.

As the years pass you’ll feel less alive.
All these promises, now such blatant lies.
But you’re still holding on, afraid to face the facts - your love died long ago.

I’m not saying it's all been a lie.
But you’re not ready to lay down your life.
It’s time to make your mind up.
Stay… you’ll be left behind.

You won’t get back all the time that he stole.
You’ll never know what it’s like to feel real love.
But you don’t have to stay.
You can take control.
It’s okay to be alone.
Track Name: Survival Of The Fittest
I taste the salt in the breeze whilst I watch the waves roll in from nowhere.
I feel the storm begin to grow quickly, it’s all around, it’s everywhere, it’s inside me.
I’m angry. I’m lashing out. All I know has filled with doubt.
I can trust no one to tell me what’s real.

It’s not my fault I became the way I am.
I’ve been used. I was bruised for so long.
Now I’m healed, I can feel it in my bones.
Something’s changed, the heavy weight is now gone.
I’ve been freed and I know I’ll be fine without you.

I feel you strike when I’m down.
You don’t fight fair, you never have. You’re a coward.
Your words are like poisonous knives.
Wait 'til my back's turned then you strike.

You act like you’re different but you’re just the same.
Survival of the fittest, on weakness you prey.
You take what you want and leave no man unscathed.
And here I was thinking no one’s to blame…

The darkness recedes. I can feel the light inside of me.
This might sound crazy, but I think I could be happy now I’m on my own.
Track Name: When Will You See
Look in my eyes and see I’m done.
I’m so tired, yet sleep won’t come.
I want nothing more than to end this now.
It’s the way I feel so used, so used.

Say what you want to get what you need.
Then leave me dry like you always do.
You always do.

I’ve been ripped apart piece by piece.
Now there’s nothing but this fire in my heart that won’t let me give up.
Where’s my love gone to? I need you here.
It’s the way I feel so alone, so alone.
Track Name: You Weren't Thinking Straight
She’s been sleeping alone, no-one's keeping her warm.
He’s been working long days and trying to justify the time he’s thrown away.
When he’s not there, he’s not there at all.
When you’re not sure, you’re not sure anymore

No one can know what you did when you weren’t thinking straight.
No one can know how you lied to make things right.
It’s not right.

He’s been living a double life, with a woman on either side.
The ice beneath his feet will crack and the razor teeth will open wide and swallow him.
When you’re weighed down, the way down is yours.
When you’re thirsty, you’re always wanting more.

It’s not right to go round breaking hearts.
It’s not right to treat love this way.
It’s not a game to be played.
Cheaters always lose.
You can’t win this time, if you don’t play by the rules.
Track Name: Bon Voyage
Bon voyage from all my friends, but I don’t mean to return.
I’ll never tell where I am going. I just want to start again.
Goodbyes are better left unsaid.
These words are bitter even in my head.

It feels like I’m moving at the speed of light.
But your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
So, farewell for now.

I’m not surprised we grew apart.
I grew up but in your mind you’re still a child.
Young and naive, playing the games of yesterday.
Goodbyes are better left unsaid.
These words will only make a bitter end.

It feels like I’m moving at the speed of light.
But your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
It feels like we’re running out of time; when your hands are waving this ship goodbye.
So, farewell for now.

Don’t hold it against me that there’s nothing keeping me here.
I don’t feel obliged to stay.
Don’t act like you know me because I don’t want to pretend.
I don’t feel obliged to make amends.
Try not to remember, it’s better to forget.
So I’ll keep the memories and you can keep your regret.
Track Name: Empty Vessels
Have you seen the ghost who lives in my house?
I have seen him there in the windows, on the stainless steel in the kitchen.
It’s the same eyes that I’ve seen my whole life.
As ghosts we live just half a life, empty vessels in the night.
Returning back to the place where we felt most alive.

Chase me. Make me feel alive.
Shake me. Wake me from my demise.
I’ve been sleeping my whole life
Waiting for my chance to arise.

Chimney smoke in the air down my street.
I can hear the sounds of laughter.
The joyous song of love in the evening.
It makes me realise what I’m missing.
Cursed to live just half a life, a lonely traveler in the night.
An endless voyage to the place where we felt most alive.
Track Name: Home Safe
These lips part with promises they can’t seem to keep.
Worthless words, from a worthless soul. All these years you’ve listened to me lie. All I do is lie, convincing myself that you never cried to watch me slowly die.
But I know you still love me. I know you still love me.

Hold me tight. I will be strong tonight.
Back to the light, I won’t stray far again.
You see past my imperfections and take me home, safe again.

Time passed by and the world it grew so cold.
Everyone including me forgot your name and turned a blinding eye.
But I know you still love me. I know you still love me.

Something’s got a hold on me, it’s been so long, but I know I’m falling in love with you.
I’m falling in love with you.
Track Name: Ghosts
I dreamt the sun fell into the sea. The oceans dissolved and the sky filled with steam.
It rained four months, but for all the skies tears, the fires raged till the earth had burned away.
Take me away from this pain. I don’t want to feel it again.
Wake me up. Wake me up.

We are all alone chasing ghosts we won’t let go.
Just one more day is all we ask.
Just one more day would make it better.

Morning breaks, the ash falls all around. There’s nothing left to hold us to this town.
Take me away from this place. I don’t want to see it again.
Wake me up. Wake me up.

If I ever see your face again I’ll never look away.
I wouldn’t waste your time because we don’t have time to waste.
Just one more day…
Just one more day would make things right, would make it better.
Track Name: Raise The Flag
You took control and commandeered this heart.
I never stood a chance.
I never wanted to fall in love, the exception being you.
I’m done trying to run when I belong to you.

I’ve been alone, not lonely.
I built these walls to seal my heart.
No one’s getting in or out.

You break my fences down, you always find a way through.
I wear these battle scars to show how hard we fight for love.

Through the haze I see clearly it’s you.
It’s always you.

I’ll raise the flag. I’m giving in.
I’m not afraid no, I’ll follow you.
You won the war. You earned your stripes.
I’m not afraid no, I’ll follow you.
Track Name: The Deep End
She found me sailing aimlessly adrift through time, ignoring all the warning signs about me.
But we’ll soon see where the tide is taking us and if the destination is enough.
I’ll make you an offer you won’t refuse. You’re the one thing I never want to lose.

Slow dance, I’ll always take the chance that when the music fades the only beat will be your heart keeping us in sync.
Make me an offer I won’t refuse. I want to be the one you never want to lose.

Take the dive. Together we can learn to swim the deep end.
We’ll survive. We can always try.
You’re my only one. You’re the only one.

We’re floating. Are we dreaming?
If it’s so, just let it be, because I can’t stand to wake feeling empty.

We both knew this wouldn’t be easy, but all things worthwhile never are.
All those years we spent apart now seem wasted. Wasted from the start.
Track Name: I'm A Bitter Man
Memories on printed paper, aged with time, fade away.
I was clinging to loose threads, desperate not to forget.
But we always forget.
I watched you leave, I could have tried to make you stay.
I let you go.

Because it seems like I'm in love with feeling sad.
I feel alive every time I feel this bad
I'm a bitter man, there's something wrong with me.
I'm damaged goods, won't someone please fix me...

I kept your letter safe, the one you wrote to say goodbye.
It broke my heart then, it breaks it now.
Will this pain ever end, well I don't know If I can let go.
I am alone, it's better off this way, that no one sees my shame.

Because it seems like I'm in love with feeling sad.
I feel alive every time I feel this bad
I'm a bitter man, there's something wrong with me.
I'm damaged goods, and it's plain to see.
But no one knows what the hell is wrong with me.
I'm breaking apart, won't someone please fix me...
Track Name: The Wanderer
It’s quiet now.
The silence pounds on my ears, it feeds my fears.
It’s been so long since I’ve heard your voice clear or felt you near to me.

Each day I wander astray a little more.
I’ve lost my way and it’s safe to say I need you more than I have before.
I hear my name but I’m not coming back.
Now only darkness waits for me.

Losing faith, I feel misplaced.
I can’t go back. I won’t go back.
A thousand eyes made up their minds, my fate's been sealed and I don’t get a say.

Maybe I’m wrong, how I hope this is so.
The truth will set me free. Oh I’m ready. I’m ready.
This is all I’ve known.