by Rhys Zacher

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released September 15, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Spinlight Studio



all rights reserved


Rhys Zacher Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Daylight
I want you to know, you're always on my mind
I want you to know, I think of you most of the time
And when you're feeling down, it tears my heart apart
And though you feel alone, I promise I won't ever be too far.
I'll be strong for two.
When you can't go on I'll carry you.
You don't need to explain
I can be the shelter from your pain

I won't sleep tonight
I'll watch over you 'til daylight
We can hide away
Until you're ready to go outside again.

Bury your head, scream until it all comes out
You feel like giving up, but darling this is not the end
You'll feel sad for a while, but please don't forget
That though you feel alone, I promise I won't ever be too far
I'll be brave for two
When you feel afraid I'll fight for you
You don't have to be ashamed
I can be your shelter from the pain

Maybe I should tell you more I love you as you are
You don't need to prove a thing, you're perfect as you are
And every time I see you cry, I wish that I could take it all away
Track Name: Melodies
The grains of sand fall with no slowing down
Can't help this feeling, the months turn to days flashing by.
The tide is rising, inside of me
A losing battle, I'm a dead man at the bottom of the sea.

Through the darkness you came for me
Breathing life into these lungs

You speak in soft melodies, the sweetest sound
I'm enslaved by this remedy, but I don't mind
I wish that I was stronger
I wish that I was stronger, like you.

You said don't worry about a thing
A voice of reason, but I feel myself slipping
As I hold tight to the edge
It's a long way down but it would be such a relief to give up.

Through the darkness you came for me
You always know just what I need
Track Name: Anxiety
Anxiety is tearing me apart
A slow demise, a cancer in my blood.
I tried for so long to keep this locked away
but I'm growing tired and I can't keep this beast at bay
I don't want to fail you now, but I feel I've come undone.

Selfishly I keep you here with me
I won't last if you let go of me
You are all I've got, You are all I've got
All I've got.

Don't leave me alone in this empty house
The silence grows into a hurricane
I tried for so long to keep these thoughts away
They're growing louder, I can't keep these fears at bay
I don't want to fail you now, but I feel I've come undone.

Storms will rage, seasons change
but you remain, you stay the same.
You lead me on into the night
You are the light that guides me home
Track Name: In Flames
Dark clouds, storm grows, act now, but we froze.
We try so hard to keep this fire alive.
Fear of the unknown, we sleep alone.
As one we strive to keep this fire alive.

Will this night ever break?
Well I don't know if the dawn will ever show

I won't go, just ask me to stay.
I couldn't leave you anyway.
No We're not done, no we'll never be through.
All we need is a little time to turn this flame into something bright.
No we're not done, no we'll never be burnt out.

The sky screams, stones fall, cast yours and break walls.
Some days it gets hard to keep this fire alive.
The smile fades from her face, pain grows in its place.
But each day we strive to keep this fire alive

Darling if we go down, it will be in flames burning brightly.
And if there is nothing left but burning coals, we'll try again.
Track Name: Closure
I took all the memories that I had of you and buried them as deep as I could
Still I am plagued by just one question
Did I mean anything to you?

I keep on drinking myself to sleep, just to help me get through the nights.
Despite the way I'm feeling I hope he makes you happier than I ever could

I'm no closer to closure
I'm no closer to you
One of these days is gonna break and my heart will stop breaking for you
But till then I'm breaking for you

And if we're being honest I think you should know that you never gave me a real chance
The ship was abandoned, you jumped overboard before we caught sight of the reef
Blame it on timing, just tell me something, just don't say it's you and not me
If I'm being honest I still need to know...
Could I still mean anything to you

If I keep looking backwards I'll miss what is straight ahead
If I keep searching for answers I'll never find what I'm looking for
if I keep turning backwards my life will be full of what ifs
If I keep searching for answers I'm gonna go down with the ship.
Track Name: Sleep
At the softest sound I feel you stir
As you reach out I do the same
I feel your pulse begin to slow
Maybe now we'll get some sleep

We're falling all the way down
Feels like flying till we hit the ground
In these moments before we wake
there's no fear no questions
Just come what may

In the early hours I hear you rise
The softest kiss with the sharpest pain
Words won't help we just need time
Maybe then we'll get some sleep

Feels like I keep failing
I can't fix this, I can't fix this
If I'm the problem, wish I could solve this
Wish I could solve this
The colours begin to change
Spring is fading and we can't slow down
I tell you it gets better, but I don't know it gets better
But still we try
Track Name: Someday
Staring out the window, searching for a reason to step outside and face it all again.
History's repeating, when will we all learn from our past mistakes before it's too late...
Is it too late...
Is it too late...

I'm not giving up
My brothers and sisters stay strong
I'm holding on to hope
That someday we'll all get along.

Voices being silenced, pointless acts of violence.
Yet still we choose to turn the other way.
Safe inside these four walls, ignorance is blissful.
While outside they suffer needlessly.
is it too late...

How could we let it get this way
How can we let it stay the same
We close our eyes, turn the other way, forget about the pain
How did we ever get this way...
Track Name: Let You Know
Sun sets over city lights
So ends another nine to five
Dreaming of simpler times
but maybe...
We'll break free from our skin
Become those creatures of the night
I hope our paths will meet
This time I will say...
Everything I should have said
Like 'You're the only one that I will ever want'

Did I wait too long to let you know
Is it too late now to let you know
Better late than never, wish that I had done this sooner
Is it too late now to let you know...

At night I lay awake
Our conversations on repeat
Replaying memories
On the back of my eyelids
This plot goes deeper still
It twists and turns and misdirects
And when our stories meet
This time I hope you stay
And take a chance don't walk away
I hope you see what I have always seen in you

And I know that it's hard to step out
On the ledge and take the dive
Believe me when I say I'm terrified
But I'll take the dive
Track Name: Autumn
She whispers your name, then leads you astray.
A light in the darkness, a foolish mans bane
And it might be unwise, but you can't deny her.

And before you're aware, you'll be caught in her snare
She'll make you her slave, but you just won't care
Because she notices you, you know it's true.

She's a soft gentle breeze, the calm before the storm comes
The sound of her waves is the last thing you'll hear before
She takes you under and keeps you forever.
She'll fill your lungs and leave you gasping for more.

The touch of her skin.
The gentle brush of her lips has lured you in
And no man could ever refuse to stay, you cannot escape.

She'll take half your heart so that when you're apart,
something is missing and you'll have to go back,
to feel complete, it's her you need